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PHYSIK in the Neck

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The basic idea in the development of the
elativ cushion was to achieve an EXTENSION without the use of external forces, only by lying on the cushion. The later amazing therapeutic successes are based just on this property.

How is that possible:


When lying on the STABLE, oblique surface of the elativ cushion, the own weight of the head (which has a "potential" FORCE "G") is "forced" to acquire a gentle EXTENSION as follows.

The own weight of the head (G) divides when lying on the STABLE material in a bearing force (red) and a horizontal extension / extension force "D", which "pulls" the head to the left.

In the neck area, however, forms a "counterreaction" -D at the same time as a balance.
The neck and thus the intervertebral discs are gently stretched.

This is only possible if the cushioning material is STABLE enough to SUPPORT the head and the head end is free of contact - without counter pressure that would "neutralize" a stretch.

Result: just the constant cause of the PRESSURE on the discs, namely the weight of the head, is "forced" by lying on the elativ cushion to correct the damage caused by himself, by a gentle EXTENSION!

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